About the Program (IEDP)

IPSA established the International Economic Development Program (IEDP) in 1999. The IEDP is a unique opportunity to examine the policies of a particular country. IEDP participants engage in a seven week, 2-credit course extensively studying the country of choice and then travel to the country over spring break. During the trip, IEDP students conduct extensive interviews and discussions with policymakers, members of civil society (non-profit managers, human rights groups, etc.), foreign development agencies, and university students.

Program Goals:


Criteria for Country of Study

Country Selection Process

Country nominations must be submitted to ipsaboard@umich.edu by the specified deadline. The name of the country is enough to nominate it, but we strongly recommend that the nominating student be able to point to a Ford School Professor who would be willing and able not only to go to the country, but to teach the course. The person who nominated the country (or a representative chosen by that person) must speak about the country for two minutes max at the country nomination meeting. If you are not able to be present at the meeting, please inform the IPSA board when you nominate the country and tell them who will speak on your behalf. To narrow down countries, a vote will take place by region. At this meeting, a person or group of people will be identified to represent countries at the final country selection meeting. People who are representing a country at the final selection meeting will be asked to prepare information on the country based on the criteria above. Each group will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to present and answer questions about the country.

Student reflections on the IEDP 2014 trip to Myanmar:

"The IEDP trip to Myanmar was a unique experience, providing access to people and perspectives that would have been hard to learn otherwise. It really deepened my understanding of the current political situation in the country." – Cassie

(Cassarah Brown cassarah.brown@gmail.com)

"IEDP was one of the reasons I chose the Ford School of Public Policy and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of the experience. I have always gained so much more outside of the classroom and this trip was no exception. I learned more about myself, my colleagues and economic development through this course than any other academic experience thus far." – Caitie

(Caitie Goddard caitgodd@umich.edu)

“IEDP was a huge challenge. In order to make it possible, it required a lot of effort from different entities, and when we finally made it possible, it became one of the most important professional and personal experiences in my life.” – Esperanza

(Esperanza Martinez Maldonado maresp@umich.edu)