Director and staff

Megan Stewart

IPC Director 

Megan A. Stewart, Ph.D. ([email protected]), is an Associate Professor and Director of the International Policy Center at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. She is particularly interested in explaining variation in how changes to social, economic, and political hierarchies—especially across racial, gender, class, or religious/ethnic lines—are attempted and achieved, and how war or political violence is often the context or consequence of such endeavors. Dr. Stewart explores questions related to this topic using quantitative, qualitative, and experimental methods. Her book, Governing for Revolution, was published by Cambridge University Press, and her award-winning research has been published in venues such as International Organization, Journal of Politics, Comparative Political Studies, European Journal of International Relations, and the Journal of Conflict Resolution, in addition to other venues.

Dan Ellis

Assistant Director 

Daniel Ellis ([email protected]) is IPC's Assistant Director. As Assistant Director, he administers IPC's student-facing grant opportunities and the Ford School's overseas courses, including the BA Global Engagement Seminar (PubPol 480) and IEDP (PubPol 674).






Administrative Assistant

Zalma Valencia is IPC’s Administrative Assistant. In her role, Zalma provides financial and logistical support to the center’s research-focused events and overseas courses.