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IPC benefits from the wealth of expertise among our affiliated faculty, inside and outside the Ford School. Our faculty affiliates help guide our research initiatives, teach IPC-linked international courses, and organize international policy events.

Affiliated Ford School faculty

Robert Axelrod
Ford School & Political Science
International relations; cybersecurity

Javed Ali
Ford School
Counterterrorism; National Security

Michael S. Barr
Ford School & Dean
International financial markets, law & regulation

John Ciorciari
Ford School (IPC Director)
International politics and law; Asia-Pacific region

Susan M. Collins
Ford School & Provost
International economics

Alan Deardorff
Ford School & Economics
International trade theory and policy

Kathryn Dominguez
Ford School & Economics
International monetary and financial policy

Lou Fintor
US Department of State
Diplomat in Residence - North Central Region

Jon Hanson
Ford School
Comparative political economy; East Asia

Joshua Hausman
Ford School & Economics
Macroeconomic policy; economic history; Japan

Yazier Henry
Ford School
Memory, trauma and identity; peace and reconciliation studies

Melvyn Levitsky
Ford School
Diplomacy; national security; U.S. foreign policy

Ann Chih Lin
Ford School & Political Science
Immigration policy; China

Yusuf Neggers
Ford School
International affairs; public affairs

Susan Page
Ford School
Diplomacy; national security; U.S. foreign policy

Shobita Parthasarathy
Ford School & STPP
Comparative science & technology policy

Hardy Vieux
Ford School
Human Rights; Middle East

Susan Waltz
Ford School
Human rights; international institutions; North Africa

Dean Yang
Ford School & Economics
International development; migration; remittances