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Jonathan K. Hanson

Lecturer in Statistics for Public Policy

Jonathan Hanson is a lecturer in statistics for public policy at the Ford School. As a specialist in comparative political economy and political development, he examines the ways in which, and the channels through which, political institutions affect economic performance and human development. In his recent projects, he has explored whether democracy and state capacity complement or substitute for each other when it comes to improving human development, why authoritarian regimes vary significantly in economic and social outcomes, how the spatial distribution of ethnic group populations interacts with political institutions to affect the supply of public services, and how to measure state capacity. Hanson holds an MA in economics and a PhD in political science from the University of Michigan.

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Educational Background

MA, Economics, University of Michigan
PhD, Political Science, University of Michigan

Recent Publications

"The Current Developing State." In De-Centering State Making: Comparative and International Perspectives (2018), "State Capacity and the Resilience of Electoral Authoritarianism: Conceptualizing and Measuring the Institutional Underpinnings of Autocratic Power." International Political Science Review (2018)